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" 3 is 1 and 2 is none, we at Beverly Hills Aerials have a strict redundancy policy in all our aircrafts. We typically have 2 of every single part, and occasionally 3 of certain equipment. For our Micro drone packages, we always carry 3 ready to fly drones, a 3 fully functional decased (naked) go pros. Since micro drones are so suspectible to damage and there is no time on set to diagnose issues. We have been shooting almost daily with this set up for months now and having 3 with us insured we always got the shot. Even if you don't need the backs ups, your confidence is boosted to try more difficult shots" 

Make sure you have enough drones to practice with and get the shot for you next shoot. You can thank us when your client loves the footage you got them. 


(3)Crossfire BnF Hercules 95x customized drones

crossfire link is the recommended long range and robust reciever set up. 

(3) decased (naked) go pros

redundancy is key 

(10) 450 Mah Batteries 

the exact amount of batteries Beverly Hills aerials brings to set.