Decased Go Pro Hero 8

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approximately 45 gram decased hero 8 Go Pro

Our Flagship decasing. This is our most used go pro on professional sets. It was used recently to shoot a superbowl commercial and a feature film which was are currently under tight NDA, and several other high profile shoots. It carries the standard go pro mount so it can easily mount and be switched from different aircrafts. Its the most robust decased go pro and is the sturdiest version. While decased go pros are fragile by nature. This is a relatively robust version that can often take a few knocks. 

*no drone included, this listing is for the decased go pro only. delivered with LCD screen so you can set up your go pro app on initial set up. Original packaging not included.  

When you recieve the go pro, you will need to connect the lcd via 2 small connectors in order to link it with your phone app. After doing this once you will not have to do it anymore. 


Heres a video made with a decased go pro on our custom build. 

 Heres a commercial shot using this decased hero 8.