Decased Go Pros

Decased hero 6, Hero 8 go pros. These are the cameras decased with no supporting equipment. From here the buyer will provide mounts, drones, and placement wherever they want. These drones are stripped down in two variations. 

1. Decased 39 Gram version (the one Beverly Hills Aerials  used in their super bowl commercial ) This is the most durable option, however does best on 95mm and larger drones.

2. Ultralight 17 gram version. (this one is currently being used on some top secret projects Beverly Hills Aerials cant yet talk about). This version is for 85mm and smaller drones that need to fly through the smallest of gaps or for increased flight time on larger drones. Because this version is stripped even further then the 39 gram version, its slightly less durable due to it no longer having the main plate for support. The LCD is removed from front plate and reapplied to main board. This is the lightest version of a go pro possible while still keeping a LCD screen and both mode and record buttons.