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Next batch will be 20 go pros hero 8s, which are scheduled to ship by Monday August 10th.  Orders after that will ship in order received on next batch. Also the carbon fiber vynil is no longer used. The go pro will come bare with glue exposed, but as a result is lighter. 

All orders before August 1st have shipped. 

n collaboration with the premiere micro drone supplier we have created a affordable Bind and fly Analog 95mm drone that can easily carry a de-cased go pro 6 or 8. 

We initially sold our custom micro designs for thousands of dollars. And while they did sell to high end cinematographer companies we kept hearing from the rest of the FPV world that we were priced too high. We listened to the community and knew we had to partner with the right company to make affordable micro drones. We hope these new affordable prices allow more people to enter the FPV world. 

We designed a BEC BOARD for GoPro Hero, which can be used on the Beta95X for video shooting. The wheelbase is only 100mm and weighs about 86.4g without GoPro and battery. With 2.5" 3-blades propellers, 1106 motors and 16A BLHeli_32 ESC, it could do all the acrobatic motions smoothly, like dive and power loop. 

YES THE GO PRO IS INCLUDED. ( HERO 8 DE-CASED) if you only want to buy the drone only go here. 

 Click below to watch "Hercules" be used for NASCAR



 Watch Hercules fly through the tightest gaps outdoors with a little bit of wind.



Watch "Hercules" be flown very close to people. 



This package is the easiest way to get a micro drone with a go pro  8 in the air. 

  • This kit is the optimal choice for FPV filming, weighs about 85.2g without GoPro Hero and battery. 
  • Install with customized EOS2 V2 camera and A01 VTX,you can enjoy the real-time FPV feds and low RF interference on the flight.
  • Built with the high-performance STM32F051K66 processor FC boards and tuned BETAFPVF405(BEFH), faster input signals with lower latency and higher update rates are reachable, give you much more power.
  • Equipped with an adjustable camera mount of 0-50° for FPV film shooting. This will be the best choice for building the smallest cinewhoop drone that can carry a naked GoPro6.


*due to custom nature of decasing a go pro. there will be imperfections on the camera, none of which effect performance. this includes scratches and chips on casings and ldc. Lens and functionality always guaranteed to be in full working order and flawless. All cameras are tested before shipping individually by our head pilot. 

*Since the R&D is continuous, each batch will have differences from prior batch. For example batch one had lenses glued on, batch 2 found a way to keep original lens on during decasing and thus no need for glue, 3rd batch removed the vinyl covering as it turned out to be more of a nuisance and not worth the hassle of maintaining and installing, batch 4 had mounts slightly modified for prints to be cleaner, batch 5 is expected to ship with working microphones so that voice control is possible. This will not be guaranteed to work or that you will get one with the microphone, but we are doing are best to ship them with working microphones now so that voice control works. Other changes not listed have also been made which have led to a better ad more reliable working drone and go pro. 


 *Hercules has spinning propellers and although while very safe relative to larger drones, it can still cause injury and should always be flown safely around people. We recommend slow speeds around people and never flying around children or animals.