How to Decase a Hero 8 Go Pro teardown tutorial

How to Decase a Hero 8 Go Pro teardown tutorial

Beverly Hills Aerials Customs step by step tutorial of how to decase (teardown) a Hero 8 

WARNINGS: Proceed at your own risk, Decasing a go pro hero 8 not only voids your warranty, but it also is dangerous. There is risk of serious cuts, fire, burns and even death. Seriously guys, don't attempt this if you don't have electronic experience. Additionally there is a high risk your go pro becomes bricked and never works again. 

Disclaimer: Video was edited in order to make the video shorter in length, and thus is not in real time. Certain parts of the decasing may have been done off screen and discussed verbally. We highly recommend anyone thinking about this decasing to view the video in its entirety before beginning and make their own assessment of how they would like to proceed. 

Beverly Hills Aerials LLC and Beverly Hills Aerials Customs makes no guarantee or warrantee about this video. It is simply their interpretation at the moment of a suitable way to decase a hero 8. It may or may not be the best way to go about it. Beverly Hills Aerials has decased dozens of go pros over the years and navigated the newer hero 8 as best as they could during the time of filming this video. They may or may not choose to update this video. Notes about mistakes in the video may or may not be posted here.  

For those newer to the FPV hobby or without the appropriate time to decase themselves we offer decased go pros for sale here

If this video has helped you please support Beverly Hills Aerials by following them on their social platforms or buying their accessories on their BHA CUSTOMS website. All proceeds are directed towards their Research and Development of Aerial Cinematography platforms. 



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